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How Reflex Works

Everything about how to teach with Reflex

Earning Tokens in ReflexEarn tokens as a student in Reflex
Earning Tokens in ReflexHow students earn tokens in Reflex
Reflex Coaching Practice ActivitiesCoaching Practice activities in Reflex
Is Reflex Available in Spanish or French?Is Reflex Available in Spanish or French?
Celebrating MilestonesDescription and explanation of Reflex Milestones
Meeting Usage Requirements via Green LightGreenlight requirements and usage explanations
Reflex OverviewExplanation and Overview of Reflex
Reflex Key TermsKey terms and definitions in Reflex
Reflex Island GamesReflex Island games explanation and description
Coaching Practice ActivitiesExplanation of student activities in Reflex
Reflex Fact FairReflex Fact Fair explanation
Fluency OverviewExplanation of Fluency in Reflex
Unlocking Games and Store Items In ReflexHow students unlock new games and items in Reflex
Assessment Overview in ReflexAssessment Overview in Reflex
Reflex Usage RecommendationsReflex Usage Recommendations
Accessibility Features in Reflex - NewAccessibility Features in Reflex
Accessing Reflex via the iPad AppReflex iPad app
Using the Personal AvatarCreating and updating a personal avatar in Reflex
Using the Reflex StoreAccessing and using the Reflex store as a student
Playing the GamesHow students play and unlock the games in Reflex
How Often Should a Student Use Reflex?Usage requirements for Reflex
Is Reflex Available in Spanish or French?Additional languages supported by Reflex
Understanding School Year Start DateExplanation and instructions for school year start date
Can Reflex Be Slowed Down?Can teachers or parents adjust the pacing in Reflex?
Reflex DashboardExplore and navigate the Reflex teacher dashboard