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How Do I View a Specific Class Report?
How Do I View a Specific Class Report?

Viewing class reports as a teacher

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There are two ways to view reports by a specific group, such as a class.

The first way is from the Reflex Reports page. The default view for Group Reports is All Students. To view reports for a specific teacher, grade or class, you will need to change the report filter:

  1. Click the Reports button at the top of the Reflex Dashboard

  2. Click the Drop-down Menu at the top left of the Reports page to select the group you want to view. When selecting a teacher, a second drop-down menu for classes will appear. Please note that some views are dependent upon your account type

  3. Once selected, the report criteria will update to display only the subset data

The second way is from the Reflex Dashboard home page. The method depends on account type:

  • Teachers can click a metric, such as fluency, on a class Status Display to go into that specific report for the class

  • Administrators can choose a group By Grade or By Teacher to go directly to the Fluency Growth Group Report

Use the Report drop-down menu to change the report type (status, usage, etc.). Use the Report filter drop-menu described above to change the teacher, grade or class.

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