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Understanding Group Reports
Understanding Group Reports

Description of Group reporting in Reflex

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Reflex provides a powerful reporting system that helps you monitor students’ usage, track their progress, and reward their achievements. There are two kinds of reports:

  • Individual Reports that provide detail on an individual student

  • Groups Reports that provide summary data on a class

To access Group Reports, click the Reports button at the top of the Reflex Dashboard. Four reports are available from the Report drop-down menu on the Group Reports tab: Group Status, Usage Summary, Milestones, and Fluency Growth.

Group Status

The Group Status report is a chart that gives information on the status of the initial assessment, percent facts fluent, fluency gain and usage in the last 7 days, and date of last login.

Usage Summary

The Usage Summary report gives statistics on usage, including average usage, percentage of usage days that result in a Green Light, and total facts solved. A second chart shows the average weekly gain in facts for various frequencies of usage. A pie chart breaks down the number of students that fall into different usage categories.


The Milestones report provides lists of group milestones (such as total facts solved by all the students in the school) and individual milestones. Group milestones can be listed for all students in the school or for individual grades. Each milestone can be printed as a certificate. All milestones are calculated from the beginning of the school year only.

Fluency Growth

The Fluency Growth report is a graph that shows the number of fluent facts gained or the total number of fluent facts over time. You can also superimpose usage data on the fluency data. Below the graph are statistics on the total number of students, total fluency gain, average student gain, average total usage, and percentage of Green Light sessions.

The graph is available as a line chart, bar graph, pie chart, or histogram.

Group reports are shown for the current school year only. Additional filtering is available for reports. See Filtering Reports for more details. You can print reports by clicking the Print button at the top right of the report.

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