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Reflex Key Terms

Key terms and definitions in Reflex

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When students know their math facts without any hesitation, we say they have automaticity with their math facts or math fact fluency.


The Reflex avatar is customizable so students can create a virtual representation of themselves. When students earn tokens, they can spend them at the virtual Reflex store to buy outfits, hair styles, and accessories for their avatars.

Coach Penny

Coach Penny is a helpful bear who teaches students fact families and gives them encouragement in Reflex. Coach Penny’s Coaching Practice Activities help solidify the facts for students.


Crabby is the host of Reflex and he helps students get started, explains how Reflex works, and encourages students along the way.

Fact Fair

When students first log in, they go to Crabby’s Fact Fair. Through fun games, a student's level of math fact fluency, as well as their typing speed, is determined.


When students are able to automatically recall all the math facts in an assignment, we say they are 100% fluent.

Fluency Tree

Students plant an acorn on the island that grows into their fluency tree. As their fluency grows in Reflex, so does the tree. The tree will need to be replanted when they switch operations (and the accessories will temporarily disappear until the tree is large enough to hold them again).

Green Light

The Green Light in Reflex appears at the top of the screen when a student has had sufficient math fact practice for the day. Once a student gets the Green Light, the store will open and the student will be one day closer to opening a new game.

Group Reports

The Group Reports in Reflex give teachers key information on their class progress. Teachers can see information like the status of the initial assessments, percentage of facts fluent, fluency gain,, average usage, and date of a student’s last login.


The Reflex Island houses all nine games that students can play, as well as the Reflex store. Students earn a ticket to the island in Fact Fair.


As students progress in Reflex, they will pass specific milestones like the number of facts solved or fluency percentages. Certificates to celebrate student progress are available for printing when students pass certain milestones.

Parent Reporting Account

Parents can easily monitor their child’s math fluency progress on Reflex with a Reflex Parent Reporting Account.

Coach Penny’s Coaching Practice Activities

Students must answer facts in Coach Penny’s Practice Activities before they play games during a session. These include Picture Puzzle, Ski Race, Hamster Race, and River Race. The Coaching Activities quiz them on facts they’re learning that day and helps them gain fluency in new facts.


The virtual store in Reflex is accessible to students once they receive the Green Light. They can spend the tokens or coins they earn playing the games on accessories for their avatar and fluency tree.


Students are awarded tokens (they resemble coins or stars) during each session of Reflex. They can spend the tokens at the virtual store in Reflex to purchase accessories for their avatar and fluency tree.

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