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Reflex Coaching Practice Activities
Reflex Coaching Practice Activities

Coaching Practice activities in Reflex

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Reflex has introduced Coaching Practice Activities with Coach Penny as alternatives to the current Picture Puzzle.

Animal Olympics Trainer joins Coach Penny’s Picture Puzzle. The new activities include Hamster Race, River Race, and Ski Race. Picture Puzzle will remain available as an option for Coaching Practice Activities.

What to Expect

  • There are now FOUR Coaching Practice Activities, including Picture Puzzle, Hamster Race, Ski Race, and River Race.

  • When students answer math facts accurately and quickly, the player and trainer characters appear to move forward! Characters don’t move forward until they’ve answered one fact correctly, slow down if students answer incorrectly, and get to a full stop if too many facts are answered incorrectly.

  • The activities are randomly offered, based on prior coaching sessions. Students who get Picture Puzzle will have two rounds. The new activities have three stages with math breaks that include quick animations between fact sets.

  • Each activity is broken up into stages, beginning with a countdown.

  • In each activity, students help animals train for a race by answering math facts. Accurate and quick answers make the animals move faster, and incorrect answers slower, even to a stop if they miss too many facts.

  • Additional scripts for Coach Penny to encourage students in English, Spanish, and Québécois (French).

Hamster Race

River Race

Ski Race

What stays the same?

  • Coach Penny continues to guide students in answering math facts as they gain fact fluency and confidence.

  • Coaching sessions are based on the student’s fluency and needs before moving on to the rest of Reflex Island.

  • The Green Light still illuminates in the upper right corner of the screen when a student has answered a certain number of facts correctly and met the Daily Usage Requirement.

  • Progress Tree maintains a visual indicator for the number of fact families a student masters.

  • Tokens are earned as students demonstrate fluency in a new fact or family, just as they have come to expect.

Key Points:

  • Coach Penny’s Picture Puzzle will remain an available option.

  • Picture Puzzle still includes two puzzles. The activities will guide students through one session with math breaks in stages.

  • Activities are randomly offered based on student needs determined through prior coaching sessions.

  • Research shows that brain breaks are powerful for making learning efficient and are now incorporated.

  • Upgraded visuals: Hamster Race is presented in a futuristic hamster-sized city. River Race has a 1920’s look, featuring steam riverboats, boater hats, and period dress. Ski Race is set in a 1950’s ski resort in the Alps.

  • Slow-down and Speed-up components, as well as a follow-the-leader feature now included.

  • Coaching is now presented in English, Spanish, and French language options.

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