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Meeting Usage Requirements via Green Light
Meeting Usage Requirements via Green Light

Greenlight requirements and usage explanations

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About the Green Light

Every day a student uses Reflex the goal is to get the Green Light.

The Green Light – located in the upper right corner of the screen – illuminates once a student answers a certain number of facts correctly on a given day. This indicates completion of a good day’s practice toward building math fact fluency.

The Green Light is a daily event, not tied to a single session. If a student does not achieve the Green Light in their first session of the day, then they can log in later to build on the progress already made.

  • Green Light depends on students correctly answering facts, not time used.

  • Students can typically get the Green Light in 15-20 minutes of concentrated use.

  • For best results, you want your students to get the Green Light at least 3 days a week.

Tracking Green Light Progress

  • During each session, Green Light progress is measured by a ring around the indicator light in the upper right of the screen.

  • As a student advances through their session, the ring will fill in green.

  • Once the ring is full, the indicator light will turn green. This means the student has reached the Green Light.

  • They can now log out, or if time allows, spend their tokens at the Reflex store.


* In-Progress Green Light


* Completed Green Light Session

Importance of the Green Light

Teachers want students to get to the Green Light because that is how students can gain improved math fact fluency as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a student uses Reflex for 20 days, but only has 50% Green Light usage, then she has had only 10 days of good practice to build her fluency.

Students want to get the Green Light because when it turns on each day, they can go to the store and purchase items for their avatars and progress trees. And after several Green Light days, students can unlock a new game of their choice.

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