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Coaching Practice Activities
Coaching Practice Activities

Explanation of student activities in Reflex

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  • After completing Crabby’s Fact Fair, students are taken to Reflex Island where they can choose a game to play.

  • After they select a game, they are greeted by Coach Penny.

  • It’s her job to get students ready to play the fluency development games by teaching them new facts and families.

  • Exactly what Coach Penny teaches on a given day depends on what an individual student needs.

Coaching usually has two parts:

  1. The first part is a short study segment where new facts are presented and then practiced by the student.

  2. This is followed by Coach Penny’s Practice Activities, which helps students learn to recall their new facts from memory. The practice activities include Picture Puzzle and Animal Olympics. Sometimes, coaching will not present new study material to the student and instead skip straight to Practice Activity. You can consider this the Reflex equivalent of a review day.

The goal of coaching is to get the students to answer new facts from memory.

Then, the fluency development games solidify and increase the speed of the recall until the facts are fluent.

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