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Celebrating Milestones

Description and explanation of Reflex Milestones

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Reflex tracks milestones for both individual students and groups.

There are two types of milestones:

  • Those that mark effort – “1,000 Total Facts Solved!”

  • Those that mark fluency achievement – “50 New Fluent Facts!” or “You are 70% Fluent!”

Milestones are a great way to recognize and reward students. You can also use them to set goals for your class.

For example, you can challenge your class to solve a certain number of total facts by the end of the week. You can use the Group Reports to update your class about their progress towards meeting the challenge as the week goes by. Then, if they meet the goal, you can reward them with extra Reflex time to shop in the Reflex Store, customize their avatars, and play fluency development games.

Check out our Reflex Engagement Kit, featuring tools and ideas to build and maintain student enthusiasm for using Reflex.

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