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Using the Reflex Store

Accessing and using the Reflex store as a student

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Students can spend the tokens or coins they earn in the virtual Reflex Store. The store can be accessed from the Island—but not until students have completed the recommended daily minimum amount of practice and earned the Green Light.

In the store, students can purchase hairdos, outfits and accessories for their avatar. They can also purchase a tree house for their fluency tree, as well as other items to decorate their tree.

To purchase an item:

  1. Click the Store, then select an item category (Stylist, Clothes, etc.)

  2. Use the sliders to browse the items. A sold sign will indicate items already owned. Hover over an item to see a preview of it on the avatar

  3. Click the item to purchase, then select Yes or No to confirm

  4. Click Back to return to the main Store or click Done to return to the Island

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