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How Does Changing Assignments Affect Overall Fluency?
How Does Changing Assignments Affect Overall Fluency?

Will changing an assignment affect student fluency

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In Reflex, a student’s fluency percentage measures how well they know the math facts in their current assignment.

When a teacher changes a student’s assignment, it will effect that student’s fluency percentage.

  • When a student’s assignment is changed across assignment groups (Addition and Subtraction to Multiplication and Division or vice versa) the student’s beginning fluency is set to 0%.

  • Reflex must then reassess the student in order to determine which facts the student knows fluently in the new assignment.

  • If a student’s assignment is changed within an assignment group (from Multiplication and Division 0-10 to Multiplication and Division 0-12, for example), a student’s fluency will appear to drop.

  • Although students will retain all the facts they mastered in Multiplication and Division 0-10, their fluency percentage goes down because the Multiplication and Division 0-12 assignment contains more facts than the original assignment.

  • If you change the assignment operation and the student logs in, then the assignment is changed back to the opposite operation, and the student's fluency will be reset on their next successful log-in.

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