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Reflex Dashboard

Explore and navigate the Reflex teacher dashboard

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When Reflex is launched from a teacher account, the dashboard has at a glance reporting, account management and class creation.

  1. Tool Bar

    1. Student Demo - Allows for testing from student perspective

    2. Teacher Resources - Opens links for our Teacher Guide Reflex Educator Hub

    3. "el" icon, takes you to the page, "?" takes you to our HelpCenter, "#" Grid will take you to the product selector if you have subscription access to multiple products.

    4. Manage Students - Opens the Class Management interface.

  2. Reporting

    1. Class Reports - Group reporting by Class

    2. Individual Reports - Usage reports by individual student.

  3. Tools

    1. Printer - Prints overview reporting as presented on the Dashboard

    2. New Class- Opens class creation interface

  4. Class Reporting

    1. Overview of usage by Class

    2. Quick Access to Milestones, Low Usage and Class reports

  5. School Year Start Date, set by your school administrator. Email opt-in/out for bi-weekly email reports to be sent automatically or not.

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