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Introduction to Rostering

What to expect in rostered accounts

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Introduction to Rostering
Your district has implemented Rostering, but what does this mean?

  • Rostering is the automated process of creating and managing accounts within Gizmos, Reflex, Frax and/or Science4Us (depending on your subscription).

  • ExploreLearning and your district's IT support staff have collaborated to setup a system that takes the burden of managing your student accounts away from you.​

  • You will no longer have to rely on manually inputting student information to create student accounts, or worry about students missing from the existing School Roster.

  • Any student that is supposed to have access will now have an account provisioned for them.

  • You and your students will launch your ExploreLearning accounts from your school's launchpad or portal.

  • The first time you and your students access their product account through your school's launchpad or portal, you will arrive on our Landing Page to begin the one-time linking process.

  • After the initial linking process, you and your students will be taken directly into your product accounts.

    **Important for Reflex and Frax: Your students cannot access their Reflex or Frax App until you log into your teacher account via your school portal and provide students with an assignment.

How Do I Log In to My Account?

This process is straight forward, you will need to log in through your school's launchpad or portal and select our ExploreLearning product icon.

It is standard procedure to arrive on our Landing Page upon initial access. The Landing Page is designed to link your Teacher Account with your school account. Please see the following article, for instructions on First Time Login for Rostered Teachers.

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