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Admin Information for Rostered Districts

Admin Information for Rostered Districts

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After a district implements auto-rostering for its Gizmos, Reflex, Frax, and/or Science4Us subscription, most accounts under the subscription are managed by the district and cannot be manually changed.

Administrator accounts are not managed or updated by the auto-rostering process. You will access your Reflex, Frax, and/or Science4us account via the Educator Login Screen:

As an ExploreLearning Admin, you can invite educators, such as coaches, teacher assistants, special education teachers, and similar teaching partners, to create teacher accounts via a teacher invitation link or email. However, these teachers will not be rostered. They can only access their account via the website. These teaching partners can only add students in the School Roster to their classes.

Your subscription can also have multiple Administrator accounts. All Admins may invite additional Administrators to create an account.

The most important difference to Administrator accounts, is you can no longer manually update a rostered student's name, student ID number, or grade.
As you can see above, only the following fields can be updated: Password, Language, Limited English Proficiency, Gender, Race / Ethnicity, and Economically Disadvantaged.

If a student or classroom teacher is missing or incorrectly listed in the school or district roster, please contact your district's IT support staff and request an update to the rostering files.

For more information on Rostered Accounts, please email us at [email protected].

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