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Inviting Teachers and Additional Administrators
Inviting Teachers and Additional Administrators

Invite teachers and additional administrators to create accounts

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To use the products(s), teachers and any additional administrators first need an invitation from the primary account administrator. To invite users to create these accounts, log in to your Administrator Account and follow the steps below.
1. Select Manage Users at the top of the screen. Select the user tab: Administrator or Teacher. Then click on the Invite Administrators/Teachers link in the right corner.

2. A new window will open to allow you to enter the email address(es) for the users you wish to invite to use the product(s). Multiple email addresses may be entered at one time, separated by a comma or space.

3. Any invalid email addresses will be highlighted in RED. Any users that already have an account under your subscription will be highlighted in BLUE, and a GREEN highlight indicates that an existing account will be updated to grant new product access.

4. For Teachers, you will select the Product(s) each user will have access to. Administrators will automatically be given access to all products in the subscriptions. Click Send.

5. The next window will show a summary of the invitation(s) just sent. Select Invite Teachers to invite more users.

6. Administrators and Teachers lists will contain a sub-category to view Pending Invites for users who have not yet completed their registration. You have the option to Resend Invitation or Delete.

Editing Teacher Product Access:

1. On the teacher tab, select the name of the teacher you would like to edit.

2. To provide or remove the teacher's access to a product, click the product logo. Welcome emails will be sent to the teacher with access information.

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