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Rostering FAQ

Frequently asked questions for rostered accounts

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I am not seeing my Class Roster for this year?
Class level rostering is an optional feature that may not have been enabled for your district. If you do not see your classes, please reach out to your district's IT Support Staff to inquire if your district has enabled that feature. If class level rostering is enabled, your district will be able to verify that your classes are included in the rostering data being sent to us.

My students are showing up as Inactive?
Students will be listed as Inactive until you provide your students with an assignment.

Can I change my Username?
Yes! In fact we encourage this. You can change both Username and Password if you would like. This allows you to login to our website, in the event of any issues with your school's launchpad or portal.

It’s asking me to confirm my email at the bottom of the page?
This is to make sure that we have the correct email. Your email address also allows ExploreLearning to send you regular email updates about your class reports.

My students are being asked to login, I thought they automatically went into their accounts?
​Students will go through a one-time linking process the first time they access their ExploreLearning product account from your school's launchpad or portal. As long as your student is located in a teacher's class and has been provided an assignment, the one-time linking process will take them directly to their associated product, Student App.
Please ensure all of the students enrolled in your classes have all necessary assignments set. Students without an assignment cannot access Gizmos, Reflex, Frax and/or Science4Us.

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