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First Time Login for Students with SSO
First Time Login for Students with SSO

Linking student accounts to SSO

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Your district has elected to use Single Sign-On (SSO) services with ExploreLearning. This means your students will login to Gizmos, Reflex, Frax and/or Science4Us (depending on your subscription) through your school’s launchpad or portal, where students will click on the ExploreLearning icon to log in automatically.

The first time your students log in through your school's portal or launchpad, they will arrive on our Landing Page to begin the one-time linking process to link their school account to their ExploreLearning Student Account.
Accessing our products through the school’s launchpad or portal is the most reliable and convenient way for students to log in.

From the Landing Page, instruct your students to select Student to begin the linking process.

The first step is for your students to enter your Teacher Username on the Student Linking Screen, and click Continue.

On the Class Selection Page, direct your students to select their Class Name to move to the next linking screen.

**Please Note: If a student entered an invalid teacher username, they can select Back to return to the Teacher Username Screen.

Next, your students must select their Name from the list of students enrolled in your class.

**Please Note: If a student is unable to click their name, please log in to your teacher account and provide the student an assignment.

If any of your students have active assignments in more than one of our products, they will redirect to the Product Picker Page to select a product.
Please instruct your students to select a specific product, if preferred.

**Please Note: The one-time linking process does not require a specific product selection, and does not need to be repeated for each product.

All students must enter their ExploreLearning password and click Login to complete the authentication process.

Your students have now successfully linked your school's launchpad or portal to their ExploreLearning Student Account! The associated Student App will load for the product they selected or have an assignment for.

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