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Why Don't I have Class Codes?

Class Code eligibility

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ExploreLearning Class Codes are available for US and International-based Gizmos subscriptions at secondary schools, grades 5 and higher, that do not have a current SSO or automated Rostering integration in place.

โ€‹You will not have access to Class Codes if:

  • Your school's lowest grade is grade 4 or lower

  • If your school has a current SSO or automated rostering integration

  • You do not have a subscription to ExploreLearning Gizmos

Will I have access to class codes if my school is:

  • Grades 4-8? No

  • Grades K-12? No

  • Grades 9-12? Yes

  • Rostered? No

  • Not using Gizmos? No

  • Your school is in Dubai? Yes

Please note: International schools with all grades included will have the option to enable Class Codes regardless of the institution's grade levels.

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