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Adding Students to Class Roster

Manually create or import students to your class roster

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Add Students from the School Roster

  • In your teacher account, navigate to the Manage Students screen

  • At the bottom of the roster, click Add Students

  • Select Add Student from School Roster

  • You can search the existing roster to find students and/or Filter by Grade Level

  • Check the box(es) next to the student name(s) you wish to add and click on Add to Class

Add Students Without an Imported School Roster

  • If your product administrator did not import a student roster, you can add or upload students manually

  • At the bottom of the roster, click Add Students

  • To add students individually, select Create a New Student and enter the required information

  • You can also select Import Students from File

    See the article Importing Students via CSV File for further instructions

Please note: If you do not see the options to Create a New Student or Import Students from File, please contact your product administrator to have your student(s) enrolled. This is a feature that administrators can choose to disable for teachers.

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