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Creating a Student Gizmos Account with Class Codes
Creating a Student Gizmos Account with Class Codes

How do students create an account while Class Codes are enabled

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  • Students will go to and select "Have a Class Code?" at the bottom of the login interface.

  • The student will be prompted to create a new account or log in with an existing account.

  • If the student has not created a Gizmos account in the 2023-2024 school year, then they will select "Create An Account".

  • The student will enter their first name, last name, grade level, username, and password.

    • Try another Class Code” will return the student to the previous step to change the class code.

  • Username must be unique across all ExploreLearning accounts.

    • Student usernames must be unique across all accounts on our platform, even those not in their school or district. Students will receive an error if they provide a username that’s already tied to an existing account.

  • After providing the required information, the student will click “Next,” which will then create a new account and add that student to the class roster.

    • The student can select “Continue” which will take them directly into Gizmos.

    • Selecting “Download Login Card” will provide an updated login card for the student to reference during future logins to the product if needed.

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