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Recent updates to Science4Us

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Here are some of the recent updates we've made to Science4Us. Plus, all the same, great K-2 science content you’ve come to expect from Science4Us!

Class Management

  • Science4Us users will now have access to create Administrator, Teacher and Student accounts using a shared Class Management interface.

  • Administrators will have the ability to invite additional Science4Us Administrators, as well as Teachers, to join the program via a unique Registration URL. Similarly, Teachers are now able to have multiple classes in Science4Us.

  • They will be able to import Students or add Students to their class(es). It's important to note that text passwords have replaced iconographic passwords for Students.

  • To assist Students with the login process, Teachers may print out Science4Us login cards.

  • Customers implementing Science4Us along with Reflex and/or Frax will notice that their Class Management interface will be linked, allowing for a unified setup of Teachers and Students.

  • In addition, these customers will be able to use a single username and password to enter all programs.

Assignment Builder

  • Teachers are able to create targeted assignments for their students in Science4Us.

  • With this new release, Teachers will be able to view the average number of minutes per activity to properly calculate and plan for the completion of this new assignment.

  • Additionally, Teachers will now be able to select the Elaborate category (e.g. Literacy Skills, Literacy Arts, STEM Skills, or Investigate) to select all associated activities.

Teacher Reports

  • The Science4Us teacher reports have a new look and feel and require less navigation.

  • Teachers will now be able to view a complete list of active and inactive assignments with a progress overview that includes the following: assigned students, average score (%), complete (%) and time spent.

  • Teachers will now be able to view individual student progress on the Student Overview Report.

  • This report will display for students: last login, total logins, completed activities, opened activities, time spent (min), average score (%), assignment history and all notebook entries.

Student Experience

  • Science4Us has a new and updated student experience. Students will notice a more streamlined and assignment-focused homepage.

  • As Teachers create assignments, the Students will notice organized assignment cards.

  • These cards will display all activities required for the Student to complete. Students are guided by new icons.

  • The play button will appear after the last activity completed by the Student. The golden star will appear next to completed activities. From the top of the homepage,

  • Students will notice that they will accumulate stars as they complete activities.

  • Similarly, Students will also be able to view their total number of minutes spent in Science4Us.

  • And, just as Students navigate through their "to do" assignment cards, they can also view all "completed" assignment views.

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