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Science4Us Student Tools
Science4Us Student Tools

Explanation of Student Tools in Science4Us

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Various instructional tools are available in Science4Us for students.

My Notes

  • Within many of the Science4Us activities, students will encounter Notebooks.

  • The Notebook is a space for students to draw, write or work with graphic organizers as a way to activate prior knowledge and conceptual understanding.

  • When students have completed and saved a Notebook entry, their teacher will receive a copy.

  • The teacher can provide comments and emoticons to the completed entry and share with the student.

  • To see these comments, the student can click on My Notes on the top of their homepage.

  • Students will also be able to view teacher created Notebooks in My Notes.

Assignment Cards

  • Students will locate all of their Science4Us assignments under the To Do tab on the student homepage.

  • Assignments are organized into Assignment Cards. As students complete their assigned activities, they will receive a gold star.

  • Any new Assignment Cards will appear with a bell icon in the corner.

  • When Assignment Cards have been completed by a student, they will be moved to the Completed tab.

Student Glossary

  • This glossary will be broken into the same books of science as the program and will contain the definitions for the words used in that book of science.

  • Students will be given the option to select different languages within the glossary as well as the option to hear the words and definitions read to them by clicking the speaker option.

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