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Science4Us Assignment Cards

Explanation of Science4Us Assignment Cards

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  • Students will locate all of their Science4Us assignments under the To Do tab on the student homepage.

  • Assignments are organized into Assignment Cards. As students complete their assigned activities, they will receive a gold star.

  • Any new Assignment Cards will appear with a bell icon in the corner.

  • When Assignment Cards have been completed by a student, they will be moved to the Completed tab.

  • The Assignment Cards are presented in sequential order to ensure that students are working in an order that is instructionally sound.

  • The Science4Us content intentionally follows the 5E Instructional Model of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate (Literacy Skills, Literacy Arts, STEM Skills, and Investigate, and finally Evaluate.

  • Regardless of what activities the teacher selects to include in their assignment, the activities will be displayed for the student in 5E, sequential order, on their assignment card.

If a teacher doesn’t want their students to work in sequential order, they can opt out of this when building their assignment. This can be modified from sequential to self-select. In step #2 of the assignment builder, teachers can check the box next to “Allow students to complete activities in any order.”

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