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Building Science4Us Assignments
Building Science4Us Assignments

How to build assignments in Science4Us as a Teacher

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Before you get started building an assignment, select the class you would like to assign from the My Classes section on your Teacher Dashboard.

Once you have identified digital activities that you want students to complete in their accounts, you can assign them to the entire class or a subset. On the top right corner of the module page, click on New Assignment.

  1. Select the digital activities you wish to assign to your students. There is also an option to Select All. You can also select activities by Elaborate category (e.g. Literacy Skills, Literacy Arts, STEM Skills, or Investigate).

  2. Select the student(s) you would like to assign, or simply Select All.

  3. Enter the date range for the assignment.

    1. Select Now to assign the activities immediately or a date to defer the assignment.

    2. Select Upon Completion for the activity to disappear from student accounts when it is done or a date for the assignment to disappear from all accounts at the same time.

  4. Select Add Assignment


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