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How Do I Recover a Deleted Student?

Recover or undelete a student account

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If you have accidentally deleted a student account and need to recover it, while logged in as an administrator,

  • Click Manage Users

  • Select Students Tab

  • Click Add Student

  • Select Create New

  • Enter the student information as it was input originally. Use the same first and last name, student ID, and grade. This will recreate the student account as it was deleted.

  • For multiple students, you can upload a CSV file to restore deleted students.

If you are unable to restore the deleted student, or are a Legacy Gizmos user, please fill out a Technical Issue/Question user inquiry at:

For us to help you, please provide the following information so we can correctly identify the deleted account:

  • Name of the Student

  • Name of the School

  • Name of the District

  • Student ID Number

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