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Introduction to the Heatmap
Introduction to the Heatmap

Explanation and introduction to the Heatmap in Gizmos STEM cases

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To view your students’ results, simply log in to your teacher account.
You will then see a list of all your classes on the dashboard. Click on the class you want to view and click the Results link for the case study heatmap you wish to see.

As you view the heatmap you will see student data populating in real-time. You can use this feature to determine when students need your help.

Individual Answers
To view a student’s individual answer to a single question, click on the box of that question in that student’s row.
At the top of each question you will see:

  • The question being asked

  • The skills needed

  • A screenshot of the case page

  • A rubric and reference answer

You can leave comments for that student in the comment box. All comments are automatically saved.

Free Response
Fields that appear in blue are the open text responses that are scored by the teacher. Click on a field in blue to view a student’s response, assign a score, and leave a comment.

To see all student responses to a single question, click on the number of a question. As you scroll down the page, you will see the response for this one question for every student in this class. You can navigate between questions by clicking Prev or Next in the top right corner of the screen.

Select Heatmap in the top left corner to return to the full heatmap view.

To score by student, simply click on the student’s name in the left column of the heatmap.

To see a demo of these features, please watch this short video.

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