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What is the Difference Between STEM Cases and Handbooks?
What is the Difference Between STEM Cases and Handbooks?

Explanation of the differences in Handbooks and STEM cases in Gizmos

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STEM Cases

  • STEM Cases are interactive case studies where students solve real-world problems while taking on the role of a STEM professional.

  • The STEM Cases have two sections.

    • The Handbook section of a STEM Case provides guided instruction of the STEM concepts present in the Case.

    • The second section is where the students engage in scientific or engineering practices to solve the problem.

Expanded Handbooks

  • Expanded Handbooks are similar, or exact copies, of the Handbook section of a Case study, but removed from the STEM Case.

  • Handbooks as can be used as an introduction to the concepts prior to taking the Case, as a review of concepts before exams, as homework, as extra credit assignments or as part of a flipped classroom approach (students could complete the Handbook at home and then complete the full Case in-class).

  • STEM Cases can be completed without the Expanded Handbooks or visa versa

If class time is limited, the Handbook could also be used as a replacement for the Case as it only takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


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