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Gizmos Teacher Dashboard Navigation
Gizmos Teacher Dashboard Navigation

Navigation and explanation of the teacher dashboard in Gizmos

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When Gizmos is launched from a teacher account, the dashboard has multiple options for searches and class creation. See the image below for further details:

  1. Tool Bar

    1. Selecting the Explore will open a search menu with options for Recommended for You, Academic Standards, and Browse Grade & Topic

    2. Selecting Favorites will display the Gizmos added to my favorites with the heart icon

    3. Selecting My Classes displays a dropdown list of your classes.

    4. The "?" will open product support options

    5. The Grid is a product selector and link to your Account Home Page

    6. Manage Students opens the Class Management page

  2. Buttons

    1. Selecting Educators Hub opens a new tab with the Educator Resource Hub on the site.

    2. What I Teach will open a menu to update your grade level and the subjects taught. This will help identify the curated Gizmos recommended by subject and grade

  3. My Classes

    1. New Class will allow you to create a class and custom-name it. You will also have the option to add additional teachers or co-teachers to your class.

    2. My Lists will open a new tab with any of your saved Gizmo Lists and recommended Gizmo Lists curated by our content specialists.

  4. Recommendations

    1. Browse Gizmo Library will open a new tab with search options by Recommended, Academic Standard, Grade and Topic, Recommended Gizmo Lists, STEM Cases, and Core Curriculum.

    2. Recommended for You will open a new tab with recommendations based on your selected grade and subject matter taught. This can be changed or updated in the What I Teach option listed above.

    3. State Standards opens a new tab with recommendations based on the state you teach in from the academic standards for that state.

    4. Gizmo Lists opens a new tab with the recommended Gizmo Lists curated by our subject matter specialists.

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