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Reporting Features in Frax - Group Status
Reporting Features in Frax - Group Status
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Student sessions are managed in the Group Status view, which is accessed through the Class Reports tab or directly by clicking a class on the Frax Dashboard. Group Status displays each student’s progress toward completing all missions in the Sector, and real-time indicators show which students are currently playing Frax or who may need assistance.


Group Status Components

Each student in the class is listed on the left side of the row beside an oval indicating whether they are Active (blue), Struggling (red), or Inactive (gray). Clicking a student’s name will navigate to an individual overview report with more detail about the student’s Frax usage.

The Now Playing column indicates the student’s recent activity. If the student is currently playing Frax, this column shows the current sector and mission number being played and a pie chart of the progress toward completing all the mission’s activities. A student that is missing many questions back-to-back will show as Struggling, the progress pie chart will turn red, and the chart and mission number will be highlighted in red.


If the student is replaying a mission they already completed, an orange Replay icon appears next to the mission number. If the student is not currently active, the Now Playing column shows grayed-out sector and mission numbers, and the date the student last played Frax will show in the Last Login column. Students that have never logged into Frax will show the status of Not Started. For students that complete all missions and are playing activities in the Sector Review room, Now Playing will show their daily Sector Review progress.

Clicking on the Now Playing column will launch a popup featuring an Activities tab displaying the sector, mission number and name, and image, as well as the activity names and images. Additionally, a progress pie chart appears next to each activity and reflects the blue (active) and red (struggling) real-time indicators, while orange squares with rounded arrows indicate replayed activities, light-green circles indicate an activity the student has yet to start, and dark-green circles with a check mark indicate a completed activity.




Finally, the Core Understandings tab displays core fraction competencies associated with the student’s current mission.


The Progress bar charts summarize each student’s overall progress in the sector. Each bar indicates the student’s progress through the sector by incrementally filling the bar as students make progress in each mission. Dark-blue segments show what a student has already completed, and light-blue shading indicates the number of activities available to the student during the current day. When the student has completed all available missions for the day, the bar turns green with a checkmark to indicate that the student is “up-to-date”.


Tick marks indicate each mission, with a larger line segment present every five missions. Hovering over the bar displays more detail about the number of missions completed and the progress toward completing the activities available to that student today.


The Review column shows the number of days the student was in the Sector Review room. Once the student has finished the sector, their Review cell will turn blue to indicate their progress. Each new day, the Review icons return to blue and will turn green for any student that completes the prescribed activities and earns a green light. Clicking on the student’s Sector Review icon displays a table with more details of that student’s overall Sector Review progress, including the date, green light percentage, problems solved, and active time.


Group Status Filters


There is a section above the chart with options to highlight specific students who meet the following criteria:

  • Filters: Opens a popup with Custom Filters, such as Missions Completed (This School Year), Gender, and Race/Ethnicity.

  • Sectors/Sector 1/ Sector 2: Toggles Group Status between students currently playing in Sector 1, Sector 2, or All Sectors

  • May Need Assistance: Displays students who are currently struggling because they are missing back-to-back questions and may need help if they are stuck.

  • Currently Online: Displays students that are actively playing Frax.

  • Replaying Games: Displays students who are replaying games that they previously completed.

  • Up-to-date: Displays students who completed all available missions or activities for today.

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