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Understanding Individual Frax Reports
Understanding Individual Frax Reports
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Frax provides a powerful reporting system that helps you monitor students' usage, track their progress, and reward their achievements. There are two kinds of reports:

  • Individual Reports that provide detail on an individual student

  • Class Reports that provide summary data on a class

  • To access student reports, click the appropriate class from your Teacher Dashboard and then click Individual Reports. Bookmark a report to quickly return to it. Three reports are available on the Individual Reports sub-menu: Overview, Milestones, and Usage.


The Overview report provides a snapshot of a student's progress. It provides school year stats for Missions completed, time in Frax, and problems solved. It also shows the last login and the student's progress in a set of core fractions competencies.

The Milestones report shows an individual student's milestones (such as tokens earned). Each Milestone can be printed or downloaded as a certificate. All milestones are calculated from the beginning of the school year only. Milestone reports for the class or multiple students are available in Class Reports.

​Usage Details
The Usage Detail report displays the date, duration, problems solved, and tokens earned of a student's session. Hover over a bar to display a tooltip with the data. Below the graph are statistics on total time in Frax, total problems solved, and total tokens earned. Use the calendar drop-down menu at the upper right to change the date range from the default of last 14 days.

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