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We are excited to announce a new Review room in Frax! Available once students have completed all missions in Sector F, the Review room offers quick-to-play games, where students can practice all of their new skills and earn more tokens. Frax also has new incentives for replaying completed missions, updated item prices in the store, and the ability to mute sounds and music. Read below for more information.

Sector Review

  • After students complete all mission activities in Sector F, a new Review door will open on the Bridge.

  • Sector Review provides three games per day, in which students practice all the skills and concepts they have learned across the entire Sector.

  • They can earn tokens for playing games, unlock achievements, and measure each day’s progress with a green light indicator (similar to Reflex).

  • Students will get their green light once they earn all available tokens for each of the games. After earning the green light, students can visit their other rooms, spend their tokens in the store, or keep playing Sector Review games again to earn even more tokens (until they reach a daily maximum).

  • When the student returns on a new day, previously completed games will be swapped with new activities.

  • The Review room will remain open, cycling through games to allow broad practice of all the student's skills, awarding more tokens, and exciting achievements along the way!


Frax reports now include real-time and summary Sector Review statistics for student work in Sector Review. Review the Reporting Features in Frax article for more information.

Replaying Mission Activities

With the new release, once students have completed a mission, they can get extra practice by replaying previously completed mission games. Students will earn tokens for the first replay of each game until they reach a daily maximum. Students can continue replaying missions more than twice, but won’t earn additional tokens.

Store Item Pricing

With the opening of the new Review room, students can earn more tokens than ever in Frax. To compensate for this, we have adjusted the pricing of some items in the store. Some items may be priced higher, or lower, from before. Students are encouraged to complete all missions and practice in the Review room to earn more tokens.

Muting Sounds and Music

Students now have the option to disable sounds and/or music when playing Frax. These options are included in the Settings menu. Click on your name in the top right corner to expand the menu.

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