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Frax Usage Recommendations
Frax Usage Recommendations
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  • Frax, according to the latest Research, should be used as a foundation prior to in-classroom instruction for a better conceptual understanding of fractions.

  • For best results, we recommend that students use Frax three times a week, minimum.

  • It is important for students to have continuous experience with Frax so that they can build on what they have learned the previous day.

  • Only one Mission can be done per day, so the students do not move through the program too quickly.

  • Each Mission takes approximately 20-30 minutes, keeping in mind this can vary depending on student typing speeds and whether or not they struggle in the more difficult parts of the Mission.

  • Sector 1 has a total of 27 Missions.

  • Sector 2 has a total of 30 Missions.

  • Since students develop and practice foundational skills with each Frax mission, Sectors 1 and 2 must be completed sequentially for fractions success.

  • If three Missions are completed per week, a student can get through the program in about nine weeks.

  • Review Room in Frax, available once students have completed all missions in Sector F, offers quick-to-play games. Where students can practice all of their new skills and earn more tokens.

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