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Using Assessment Questions
Using Assessment Questions

Understanding and using student assessment questions in Gizmos

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Under most Gizmos, you will find a set of multiple-choice questions.

To answer the Assessment Questions, select the correct answer. You can change your answer by selecting a different circle.

Students can use the "Pop-Out" feature to bring up a separate window

The Gizmo simulation will be overlaid on the assessment questions as depicted below:

Students can also scroll between the simulation and the assessment questions below, but they should try to answer the questions without using the Gizmo for a formative assessment purpose.

After answering all the questions, click the Check Your Answers button.

Assessment Report

After submitting answers, a report of results will be generated.

At the top of the report is a summary of your answers. Below your results are the solutions to each question and an indication of whether your answer was correct or incorrect.

Sharing the Assessment Scores with the student is done from the dropdown in the upper right, should be done when scoring is complete:

Printing assessment results are done via the Printer icon above the Show Scores to Students button on the Results page.

As noted above you can select the option to Save as a PDF or Print Report
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