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Frax Avatar Builder

Introduction and explanation of the Avatar Builder in Frax

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Student Avatar - Frax

The Frax Avatar Builder is a Room always accessible from the Hallway that students can use to create custom characters they think best represent them, similar to the Avatars in Reflex; however, quite different in execution and aesthetics.

How Does Frax Avatar Builder Work?

The first time the student enters the Frax Avatar Builder, a white silhouette of an Avatar will be displayed, and the “Body” menu will be selected while the rest of the menu items will be locked out. Once a body style is selected, the silhouette will be removed, and an Avatar with randomized assets for that body type will be generated. Subsequent entries into the Avatar Builder will have the existing Avatar visible and the menu opened to the first (top) item.

The “Set” button has a “Close” label when there are no changes to save. Clicking “Set” will prompt the user to keep or discard the changes. Leaving Frax Avatar Builder without clicking “Set” and “Yes” will keep the Avatar the same. Students can also return to Frax Avatar Builder as often as they like to make changes, after which they should click “Set” and “Yes” to complete their new build.

Frax Avatar Builder does not tie into the EconomyManager since there is nothing to purchase.

Frax Avatar Builder Menu Options

There are five menu options, all available from day one:

  • Face: Includes various facial features, expressions, eye shapes, and colors.

  • Hair: Includes various hairstyles and colors.

  • Fur: Includes various colors and two fur styles.

  • Clothes: Includes various uniforms and leisure outfits.

  • Body: Includes five unisex body styles, including one in a wheelchair.

Using Frax Avatar Builder Room

After entering the Frax Avatar Builder Room from the Hallway, students will proceed through the following process:

  • First Pre-Built State: When the student first enters the Avatar Builder, the Avatar will be presented as a blank white model, and students will then choose a body type. Once chosen, the body type for that Avatar will replace the silhouette with randomly assigned assets.

  • Building: The student chooses from the available options to customize their Avatar. There is a randomization button (dice) if the student wants inspiration or does not want to take the time to customize the Avatar. Once satisfied with their choices, students click “Set” and “Yes” to complete their build.

  • After Set: After students set their Avatar’s appearance, the selected look will populate the Bridge and Student Cabin (after it is selected in the Store).

Where Do Avatars Appear in the Product?

  • Bridge

The Student Avatar will appear in one or more predetermined areas on the Bridge (main menu) after it has been created. Before the Avatar is created, the Avatar does not appear on the Bridge.

  • Student Cabin

In the Student Cabin, once created the Avatar will appear at the top of the Store, and when selected placed in the room. The Avatar can then be moved around, as well as flipped using the same rounded arrows as for purchased items.

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