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Frax Keyboard Controls
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Standard Keyboard Controls

To enable Keyboard Navigation, Tab, Space, Enter, Esc, and Arrow Keys are now enabled as an alternative to a mouse for selecting on-screen buttons/selections, including:

  • Tab: Engages the navigation and moves between sets of buttons, entry boxes, menus, missions, activities, rooms, items, HintBots, GuideBots, etc.


  • Arrow Keys: Move between options in a set, e.g., between the “Sound,” “Music,” and “Fullscreen” buttons within the top menu button set or games in a mission.



  • Space or Enter: Acts as a mouse click to activate a selected button.


  • Esc: Esc will close the top menu button and fullscreen mode.


Esc will also close most single-button dialogue boxes, and “click” the button like Space and Enter do. Esc is also the only Keyboard Accessibility command that works when the Tab command is not active, specifically when used to close single-button dialogue boxes.



Black and White Focus Box

When Keyboard Navigation is used, there will be a black box with a white outline surrounding the selected button/action (providing focus) on the screen for students.




  • Students that do not use keyboard controls, e.g., Tab, should not see the black and white focus boxes on screen.

  • The black and white focus should disappear if the student clicks a button with the mouse.

Drag-and-Drop Gestures

Use Drag-and-Drop Gestures for actions like dragging and dropping answers in games like The Journey Begins, Wreck Runner, and Warp Out (see screenshots below), as well as items like in the Student Cabin. These are controlled with a keyboard by selecting the input with Tab controls (which places a black and white focus box around the button or item), using the Enter or Space keys to activate the “drag” function (which will turn the focus box magenta and black, indicating it can be “dragged” with the Arrow Keys), and finally “dropping” the answer or item using the Enter or Space keys, which will turn the focus box black and white again.






Student Cabin

In the Student Cabin, in addition to being able to Tab from item-to-item, and then using Space or Enter and the Arrow Keys to drag-and-drop within the room, moving the item over the rounded arrow will rotate it like when using the mouse, after which the focus box will change from magenta and black back to black and white, and return the item back to the Student Cabin when Space or Enter is pressed.





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