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Using Gizmos Teacher Presets
Using Gizmos Teacher Presets

How to set and us Teacher Presets in Gizmos

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Teacher presets let you save a configuration of a Gizmo, then load it at any time. This makes it easy to start a Gizmo with specific variables already set. This functionality is accessible to the right above a launched Gizmo. All Gizmos have the preset feature.
To create a new preset:

  1. Launch and modify the Gizmo until you reach the configuration you want to save.

  2. Click Create New Preset above the Gizmo. Note: If you are creating a preset for the first time, the button will read Create New Preset.

  3. Enter a name for your preset, then click Save.

You can save multiple presets per Gizmo. To access saved presets, click the Presets button and select the preset you want to use. Once a preset is applied, the Gizmo can be manipulated as normal. To return a Gizmo to its default state, simply refresh the browser page.
To rename or delete a saved preset:

  1. Launch the Gizmo you want to edit, then click the Presets

  2. Find the preset you want to edit and hover over the preset name. Click Edit. From here, you can rename or delete preset.

You cannot edit variables on an existing preset and save it with the same name, only rename or delete it. To make a preset with a different set of variables, create a new preset or edit and rename an existing preset.

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