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Do You Support Single Sign-On Services?
Do You Support Single Sign-On Services?

Supported SSO

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We have three options that allow users to access our products without requiring an ExploreLearning username and password. The protocols we support - LTI, SAML, and Clever Instant Login - are broadly used in the following scenarios:

  • LTI: If your students and teachers access third-party educational products from a common Learning Management System (LMS), we can provide SSO capability via the LTI protocol. Most popular LMS products, including Schoology, Canvas, ClassLink, Desire2Learn, and many others, include support for LTI.

  • SAML: If your teachers and students are authenticated through the school or district's SAML capable authentication service.

  • Clever Instant Login: If your school or district is utilizing Clever Instant Login, you can first submit a request through the Clever portal, and we will review it in comparison to your ExploreLearning contract.

There should be a support person or team who manages the LMS that we can communicate with for optimal results. They essentially gather and set up all the information, and we make the connections to our database following an established protocol. They would also handle customizing your LMS to your specifications.

If you would like to begin the setup process, please contact your Account Representative or the Integrations Support team via the following methods:

Phone: USA/Canada 866.882.4141 Option 2, Option 5

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