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Managing Frax Mission Locks
Managing Frax Mission Locks
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You can manage your students' Mission Locks from the Group Status view, which can be accessed through the Class Reports tab or directly from clicking a class on the Frax Dashboard.

  • On the “Sector Progress” bar for each student, a lock icon will appear if that student has a max mission value set. This max mission value is a teacher-configured setting that prevents the student from progressing past their max mission.

  • Hovering over the gray lock bar shows a tooltip with the value of the student’s max mission:

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png
  • Clicking the bar will display a popup where the user can set the student’s max mission:

Managing Frax Mission Locks 2.PNG


  • At the top of the Group Status page, there is a reminder that Students can start one new mission per day and provides a button to Set Class Max Mission:


  • Clicking the button will display a popup allowing the user to set the max mission value for all students in the class at once:


Please consider:

Attempting to set the student’s max mission to a mission they already started will instead set the max mission to the next available mission they have not started yet. Additionally, you cannot lock the student’s first mission.

Also, if a student does not have a max mission value set, the lock icon will appear on the far right when the user hovers over the progress bar, which when clicked on will allow the user to set the student’s max mission:

Managing Frax Mission Locks 5.PNG

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