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What Professional Development is Available for Gizmos?
What Professional Development is Available for Gizmos?

Professional development available for Gizmos

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ExploreLearning’s Professional Development department offers a variety of introductory and higher-level Gizmos workshops for educators.

Our introductory workshops focus on orienting teachers to the website and its features, identifying best practices in instruction with Gizmos, and planning exemplary lessons in a variety of settings. The ideal sequence of introductory professional development begins with an Introduction to Gizmos onsite workshop followed by an Expanding the Gizmos Experience workshop. A day of onsite Classroom Coaching will help teachers who are reluctant to try Gizmos in their instruction to become more comfortable.

Once teachers are using Gizmos in their math and science instruction, we offer a variety of high level workshops that focus on classroom pedagogy and use Gizmos as the vehicle for learning.

Higher level workshops include:

For a full listing of all our Gizmos offerings, go to our Professional Development page.

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