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Frax Sector Assignment FAQs
Frax Sector Assignment FAQs
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Frax Sector 2 is a continuation of the Frax concepts established in Sector 1. Students will not be able to begin Frax Sector 2 without completing Sector 1. When a teacher goes into Class Management and selects a student to give an assignment in Frax, they will see the Sector Selector drop-down. The available Sectors will be highlighted, and the unavailable Sectors will be grayed out and marked with a red icon, as shown in the image below.


Why can I not assign Sector 2 to my students?

If a student were to go straight into Sector 2 without completing Sector 1, they would not gain the same level of conceptual understanding of fractions that you are trying to achieve by using the product. Sector 1 provides students with a different way of looking at fractions, and the language it introduces is carried into Sector 2.

In our tests with students, those who completed Sector 2 without having had Sector 1 had significantly more struggles and didn't make the same gains as students who had the solid conceptual foundation that was established by Sector 1. This is why we created Frax as an ongoing program.

  • Please note: You must be subscribed to Sector 2 to be able to open the assignment to students. If you have any other questions regarding adding Sector 2 to your current subscription, please contact your account executive.

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