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FRAX Sector 2 Overview
FRAX Sector 2 Overview
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FRAX Sector 2 overview:


Frax Sector 2 is available for teachers to activate once students have completed all Sector 1 missions (subscription permitting), Sector 2 (where students can explore the Foundations 2 curriculum in the Frax galaxy) includes favorite games and characters from Sector 1, as well as all new ones to improve students’ understanding of such math standards as equivalence, decimals, and operations. Sector 2 will also cover the following skills:

  • Early fraction arithmetic:

    • Decomposing fractions

    • Addition and subtraction with like denominators

    • Multiplication of a whole number by a fraction

  • Introducing decimal notation (tenths and hundredths)

  • Fraction and decimal number line estimation

  • Creating equivalent fractions

  • Comparing any two fractions

Sector 2 offers more advanced content designed for students in grade 4+ who are ready to continue their journey after completing Sector 1, and best of all, students can continue to use their existing tokens to purchase new items for their Student Cabin and Happy Acres Room.

Teachers and students will have access other exciting features, such as:

Happy Acres Room

Students have a new room to spend their tokens on characters, trees, bushes, buildings, and even planets and spaceships!


Milestones and Achievements

As students complete games and missions and are awarded tokens, they will earn new trophies, rank badges, and milestone certificates to add to their Sector 1 trove.


Teacher Guides

Sector 2 will include Offline Resources with mission objectives and activity descriptions that provide teachers with:

  • An overview of what students are doing and learning in each mission

  • Key teacher language that helps teachers to imitate the language that Frax uses to describe models and strategies during the missions to provide seamless assistance to struggling students

  • Mission debrief questions that give teachers quick questions to ask the class after each mission to help them verbalize the reasoning they used to solve the mission’s activities


Sector 2 supports Frax Text-to-Speech features that allow students to hear on-screen text read aloud.

Expanded Teacher Reporting App Features

Teachers can view reports of student and class progress in Sectors 1 and 2, as well as sector-specific Core Understandings, Milestones, and Mission Details.

Expanded Student Demo

Teachers will have the ability to access all unlocked Sector 2 games (subscription permitting) with the expanded Student Demo feature located in Teacher’s Frax reports.

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